Cardboard. Neighborhood.

It’s easy to think of street kids as helpless urchins wanting to receive help. This touching story turns that stereotype on its head.




Society has lots of ways to describe street kids. Most of them are in the negative.

With Christmas coming, Blue Dragon is proud to share a story that challenges that negative view; a story that sees street kids for who they really are.




Vivian Pham, the Australian Vietnamese author of award-winning novel The Coconut Children, has written this short story as a gift to Blue Dragon’s friends. And artist Alaa Alfaraon has added beautiful illustrations to make this ebook even more special.

Please download and enjoy this gift to you for being a part of Blue Dragon in 2022.

Life really is a long story. At times we all need to take a moment to pause and treasure it.

You can download the story here.

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