Now I’m appealing

It’s the time of the year when Blue Dragon is asking for money. The annual Rescue Appeal.

That doesn’t make a very compelling opening line to my blog, does it? Shouldn’t I open with a powerful story – maybe something to make you all emotional and feel  inspired to donate?

There are plenty of stories to tell. Scroll back through the blog, visit the Blue Dragon website, or even go look at my earlier blog.

But now is the time that I need to ask.

I created Blue Dragon in 2003 because there were children in Hanoi who lived and worked on the city streets without anyone to help or care for them. I thought that was wrong. It made me angry, so I decided to do something about it.

Then, a few years later, I encountered a child who had been trafficked. There was nobody else around to help, so I faced the challenge and set the child free.

I’ve never acted alone. I have always done this work with others: staff, volunteers, and even with the kids themselves as they grow older.

And behind us at all times, holding us up and making it all possible, are the people around the world who give their money.

Without you, there’s no drop-in center and classrooms for the girls and boys to play and study.

There are no rescue operations of girls and women sold into sexual slavery. There is no counseling, no safe shelter, no legal advocacy and no medical treatment for those who make it back.

Without you, there is no street outreach to find and protect homeless children. No family reunions, no tuition to get kids back to school, no hot meals being served.

So yes, I need to ask for money; there’s no nice marketing jargon to smooth over that truth.

I simply ask that if you believe in this mission, if you share this vision of a world where we are all free and safe, then give.

Thank you.

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