It’s been a while

Blogging is a wonderful routine. Over the years I have blogged on and off – first here and now here – and have found it a reflective, thoughtful exercise to follow.

In recent months I’ve become a lapsed blogger, and not for want of something to write about. Plenty has been happening here at Blue Dragon and there has been much to share… but somehow I fell out of the discipline of routine.

It’s time now to reverse that! I’m going to start writing again, with a new post each Tuesday morning (Vietnam time) and an occasional extra during the week.

Thanks to everyone who has nagged at me to get back on the horse, as well as those who made more polite enquiries!

All I ask is that if what I write resonates with your own life, please share so that others can also join our community of people wanting to find some hope and beauty in this sometimes-ugly world.



Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation rescues kids in crisis. 

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