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As the world prepares for a season of celebration and gift giving, it’s important to remember those who are left behind.

Prang was 21 when she was trafficked and sold as a bride in China.

She grew up in a tight knit village in Vietnam’s central highlands. Her home was among the mountains, where her M’nong community has always lived and worked.

When Prang left home with a friend and didn’t return, her family feared that she had died.

Prang had been targeted by traffickers because she was living in extreme poverty. Her mother passed away while Prang was still a child. Of her two younger sisters, one has cancer and one has an intellectual impairment. Her younger brother was born with defects caused by Agent Orange.

Prang’s home in central Vietnam. All the neighbors gathered when she returned home.

Blue Dragon took Prang home after she was found and rescued by police. The whole family and community were deeply relieved. They had never imagined that this could happen to one of their own.

Every day, Blue Dragon meets and helps young people who have fallen into harm’s way. Like Prang, many are trafficked and enslaved. Others are children who leave their homes in the countryside to find opportunities or safety in the cities, and instead are exploited.

Throughout 2021, Blue Dragon has asked for help, and our community of supporters has answered every time. To provide for families during the worst of COVID. To rescue people from slavery. To care for children and teens in the most difficult of circumstances.

Young women like Prang need ongoing assistance, not a one-time rescue. Children sleeping rough on the streets need daily care, not just an occasional visit.

With the end of the year coming up, and all the festivities of the season – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year – we need to ask one more thing.

If you’re thinking about your year-end giving and would like to share a gift that really counts, please consider a donation to Blue Dragon’s Christmas appeal.

Every dollar donated goes to providing food and meals for children and families who need that extra helping hand to get through the coming months. You can even make it a monthly gift, so that every month for the next year you’re providing food for someone in need.

If you can, a donation of $15 will feed a family for a week. An extra gift on top of your Christmas shopping. It will mean the world to a family in Vietnam.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation rescues kids in crisis.

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