First Christmas

As we celebrate the season of Christmas, Blue Dragon reaches a special milestone…

It’s Christmas!

To all Blue Dragon’s friends who celebrate Christmas, the kids and staff send you our warmest wishes.

And as a special gift… here’s a look back at the very first “Blue Dragon Christmas” 20 years ago. Christmas 2002.

At that time, we weren’t yet an official organisation. We were just some volunteers helping a few street kids who wanted to change their lives. None of us had any sense of what was to come!

(Digital photography was not what it is today, either).

And that was 20 Christmases ago! All the kids are grown up now and have gone on to raise their own families, start their own businesses, and find their own way in life. We’re still in touch with most and it’s been wonderful watching them become independent, happy young adults.

So now, here’s to the next 20 years!

Happy Christmas, one and all.

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