Bad blogger

Time to make amends.

I’ve broken the rules!

I stopped blogging without making any comment or giving a reason. For this I must beg forgiveness!

No excuses, other than to say that 2023 has been a sometimes-difficult year and I found that the process of writing each week took more emotion and spirit than I had to share.

But that’s all part of life and I’ll soon be ready to start again.

To end 2023, allow me to post some links that will be of interest to friends who follow and support the great work of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

For a quick read, here are some highlights of the past year that are just too good not to share.

And if listening to podcasts is more your thing:

– I was interviewed recently by the fascinating Lorraine Nilon who calls herself a ‘spiritual explorer’, but her spirituality is very down-to-earth and we had the most wonderful conversation. You can listen to it here.

– Earlier in the year I spoke with Australian Member of Parliament Andrew Leigh, whose personal podcast explores “The Good Life.” And indeed it was a good chat. Tune in here.

– One final recommendation is my discussion with The Justice Dialogue, where we talked in depth about how Blue Dragon has adapted over the years to the constantly changing context of human trafficking. Absolutely worth listening to, in my unbiased opinion.

Despite a challening year, I am excited for 2024. It’s Blue Dragon’s 20th birthday and the Year of the Dragon in the lunar calendar. So I will most definitely be back to blogging in late January!

Friends near and far, thanks for being part of the story. I look forward to reconnecting in the Year of the Dragon.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is on a mission to end human trafficking. 

2 thoughts on “Bad blogger”

  1. Puh-lease! Michael, you have absolutely no need to apologise! We know how busy you are, and we appreciate the blogs as and when you find time to sit down and write them. Happy New Year!

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