It’s a long story.

A high school English teacher from Sydney, I moved to Vietnam in 2002 dreaming of a simple life. Within a year, I was running classes and a soccer club for street children in Hanoi, and Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation was launched.

This blog follows on from my earlier blog, Street Kids In Vietnam. Here I share the stories of the children and young people I meet from day to day; the extraordinary human beings whose lives might otherwise go unnoticed, but whose daily trials and joys are truly exceptional.

Blue Dragon has always belonged to many. We are a charity made up of children, families, donors, staff, a Board, and even some stray cats and dogs from time to time.

We get out onto the streets and into the most remote parts of Vietnam to find those who need a hand. We choose to get involved in cases – in the lives of people – that nobody else would touch.

Because of Blue Dragon, laws have changed to give children more, and better, protection from exploitation. Traffickers and abusers have been imprisoned. Children who had no hope in life have grown up to thrive in education and employment, and start their own family.

Our mission is to find the good in children who have given up hope in themselves. Sometimes that seems impossibly difficult, but there’s always a way.

Life is a long story, and we all have much to both share and to learn.