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Category: Leadership

Humanity in development

I’ve given more than a few speeches in my lifetime. I truly enjoy the challenge of gauging an audience and adapting my message to meet their needs and interests; many times I have been standing on the stage before I have made a final decision about what I will say. So far this has always worked for me, but last week I thought that maybe I had pushed it too far. I had been invited to speak to 900 university students from around the world at the UN Centre in…

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Taking the lead

When Thoat first came to Blue Dragon, she was wild. People often assume that the boys must be harder to work with than the girls. In fact, when we meet homeless girls out on the streets of Hanoi, it’s not unusual that their behaviour is far more out of control than the boys who are in similar situations. Girls tend to grow up under stricter parental and family control; when that control is gone, the girls may not know how to manage their own behaviour. By contrast, boys are always…

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