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Month: December 2018

Change is possible

One of my favourite moments each day is spotting new kids at the Blue Dragon centre, Dragon House. Whether they’re sitting in the drop-in centre, or having lunch upstairs, they’re easy to spot. All the other kids – who have been with us for weeks, or months, or years – will be confidently doing their own thing. They’ll be dancing along to some pop song, or chilling out with friends, or sharing stories about their latest adventures. The new kids will be sitting back, overawed by the noise and the…

Yeah, ok

It’s true: I have been a very bad blogger. Time to make amends! I am getting back into writing more regularly, starting January 1, and will be writing shorter, but more regular, posts to share with the world the adventures, joys and sorrows of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. If I start to falter in this commitment, you are welcome to prod me with a reminder of this commitment! A fresh start begins today.