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Month: August 2017

A long walk

On Sunday, I took part in a marathon walk. Forty two kilometers along the Merri Creek in Melbourne, Australia, to raise money for the work of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. About 30 people took part, and although many of us had never met before we were united by our concern for the fate of Vietnamese children. We all had sponsors, and so we set out in the morning to accomplish a goal that’s small on a global scale, but significant for our own lives. As we were walking, 4 teenage…

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Humanity in development

I’ve given more than a few speeches in my lifetime. I truly enjoy the challenge of gauging an audience and adapting my message to meet their needs and interests; many times I have been standing on the stage before I have made a final decision about what I will say. So far this has always worked for me; but last week I thought that maybe I had pushed it too far. I had been invited to speak to 900 university students from around the world at the UN Centre in…

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