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Month: July 2017

A 10 year journey

This week marks 10 years since Blue Dragon first went to China to rescue a teenage girl from slavery in a brothel. At the time we had already been rescuing kids from sweatshops within Vietnam for just over a year. We were responding to calls for help from families and found that the skills we had developed working with street kids were useful in investigating missing children. Even still, when that first case in China came up, we knew we were taking on something bigger than we had ever encountered. That…

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Nam’s life has been pretty rough by anybody’s standard – and he’s only 10 years old. Blue Dragon first came across Nam a couple of years ago. He had been hanging out on the street with his mother, who sold drugs around one of Hanoi’s lakes, and most of the time he was completely unsupervised and uncared for. The very first time we noticed Nam, his mother was beating him for some perceived crime, and our social workers helped to calm things down. Nam had never learnt any good habits or…

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Freedom calls

Lan was 25 years old when she was trafficked from Vietnam and sold into a forced marriage deep inside China. Blue Dragon receives calls for help several times a week, and sometimes every day. The young people we’re called to rescue are in all sorts of situations: sometimes caught up in pedophile rings, sometimes trapped in sweatshops, sometimes taken out of the country and sold to brothels or as brides. When the phone rings we just don’t know what the next case will be. For all we’ve seen and heard over the years,…

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(Apologies for the re-post; a WordPress glitch deleted this post from last week). Trinh is 14 years old and has been selling sex for 2 years. He has never told us how it started; I don’t know who first abused him or what the circumstances were. Maybe he was desperate for money and reluctantly went along with a pimp who convinced him it would be easy. Or maybe he was deceived by an older friend who promised him a fun night out and didn’t tell him what was going to happen.…

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