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Month: December 2016

The Gift

My last Australian Christmas was in 2001. Since then, I’ve been in Hanoi for every Christmas Day, including today. I’m not a very traditional type of person, but there is one tradition I’ve kept for the last 15 years: a Christmas meal with the Blue Dragon kids. Although I’mĀ far from my family in Australia, there’s a real joy in spending the day with my Blue Dragon family here in Vietnam. I still vividly remember that first Christmas in Hanoi, when Blue Dragon was so young we didn’t even have a…

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Family time

This morning I’m headed to a wedding. Thai was one of the very early Blue Dragon kids; we met him about 12 years ago, when we were just starting out in Hanoi. His family lived in a tiny makeshift house by an open sewer and his brother was in prison. Thai had a pretty rotten start to life, and spent some time in a reform school as a teenager. Despite everything, he’s made a good life for himself. He’s worked as a baker, a barman, and now as a security…

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Manh looked like a little man. He’s 14 years old and very small for his age, but my first impression was that he could have been anywhere between 10 and 40. He’d been on the streets of Hanoi for a few months, living in internet cafes and begging for money when he first arrived. It wasn’t long before some pimps had their hooks into him, and soon he was introduced to a much older man who took him to a hotel for sex. By the time I met him, he…

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A change of title

In a staff training session recently, our Communications Manager asked us to think of what our job title really should be, given what we actually do at work. It was a light-hearted but revealing activity. Someone said that his title should be ‘Batman’ as he is a protector of homeless children. Another described herself as a “Bridge,” because she brings young people in trauma back to safety and connects them with their families. When it came to my turn, I said that I consider myself the CPB of Blue Dragon:…

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